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About Us

Robert F. (Butch) Beardsley
- Managing Partner

Mr. Beardsley has received more than 700 hours of specialized training including Hazardous Waste Site Operations and Remediation Management..He has  extensive experience in industrialfirefighting, pressure and non-pressure product transfers involving truck and rail transportation, derailment response and remediation, soil / liquid management, drum recoveries, petroleum pipeline response plans, pipeline ruptures, mitigation and on-site treatment of toxic materials and waste disposal.


Mr. Beardsley  holds Advanced Fire Fighter and Instructor Certifications, as well as  Certifications from the National Fire Academy, Texas Engineering Extension Service, Bureau of Explosives, Association of American Rail Roads, Transportation and Technology Center where he is an advanced tank car instructor, as well as  Southern Methodist University. Mr. Beardsley is a Certified Radiation Safety Officer. As a lieutenant with North Richland Hills Fire Department, Mr. Beardsley was commissioned to develop and  coordinate the Northeast Tarrant County haz-mat team.

Tracy Clark - Managing Partner

Mr. Clark has received hundreds of hours of specialized training including Hazardous Waste Operations and Remediation Management, Compressed Gas Handling Techniques and Reactive and Explosive Compound Mitigation Techniques.

He has been involved in many compressed gas transfers or leak mitigation involving truck, rail car, and cylinder containers, flammable and corrosive liquids transfer and leak mitigation, and reactive or shock sensitive product mitigation. He has been an active member of the Justin Fire Department since 1984. They were instrumental in directing him into the environmental response service.

Mr. Clark holds certifications from the Bureau of Explosives, National Fire Academy, Louisiana State University, Texas Engineering Extension Service, Association of American Rail Road, Southern Methodist University and the Chlorine Institute in Washington, DC.

Some of our customers

-Union Pacific Railroad

-Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway

-Dupont Leverage Operations


-Alon USA

-Pioneer Natural Resources

-United Parcel Service


-Agrium Chemical

-Archer Western Constructors

-Dow Chemical

-James Hardy Building Products

-Koch Nitrogen



-Trican Well Services


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