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A full-service emergency response and environmental remediation service company, United Professional Services focuses on a single goal - providing the highest quality of service for our clients and employees.  Fort Worth natives Butch Beardsley and Tracy Clark have worked in the emergency response industry since 1987 gaining experience in both major, and minor, haz-mat incidents.

Environmental Cleaning
- 24-Hour Emergency Response
- Site Remediation 
- Confined Space Entries 
- High and Low Pressure 
- Chemical Transfers
- Waste Profiling and Waste Disposal
- Chemical and Oil Spill
- Containment and Cleanup
- Tank Cleaning 
- Radiation Testing 
- Fire Safety Trailers
- Spill Prevention Surveys,
- Response Planning and Audits
- Hazardous Materials Training
- Industrial Maintenance
- Compressed Gas and Liquid Product
- Transfers and Flaring
- Incidents Involving Rail Road Emergencies
  and Rail Car Transfers
- Haz-Mat Transportation Emergencies
- Severe Hazardous Materials Handling
  and Escorting
- Reactives and Explosives Neutralization
   and Stabilization
- Lab Packs
- Abandoned Waste
- RCRA Hazardous Chemical Buried
- Container Excavation and Identification
   of Unknown Chemical Containers
- COVID-19 Decontamination
We specialize in:
Emergency Response
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